Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simplicity is success ...

"Simplicity is success."
                                                                                           -- Evelyn Corley Buzbee

It wasn't until after my grandmother, Evelyn Corley Buzbee, passed away that we found her gardening notes.  They were from speeches about gardening she had made all across America as she toured the country judging daylilies and hostas.  

Though this was many years ago,  I believe the messages in her notes are especially pertinent today.  I often hear from people that they do not know which way to turn with all the information available to them about gardening -- it seems almost overwhelming, especially to beginning gardeners.  To these people, my sugggestion is to keep it simple, because simplicity really is success.  And the best way to keep it simple is to start your garden with methods, ideas and plants that are compatible with you.

For instance, if you're planning to grow vegetables for the first time, start with the ones that you love.  This is a wonderful starting place, and such a simple concept.  Yet, it is this concept that will carry you through your very first season of growing and the challenges you will face.  And you will face challenges, no matter how simple you keep things -- that's the nature of nature.  There truly is so much to learn, yet you'll be greeting that learning curve from the perspective of growing things you love.  So simple, yet so far-reaching.

Simplicity is success -- thank you, Grandmother :)


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